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Area Attractions

Valle de los Gigantes.png

Valle de los Gigantes


Valley of the Giants – Valle de los Gigantes is an ecological park where the largest living Cardon cacti in the world exist.  The park is located between the town of San Felipe and Rancho Costa Verde and makes for a great place to have lunch among the giant Cardons.

Puertecitos Natural Tide Pool Hot Tubs

Just 12 miles south of Rancho Costa Verde are hot springs located in the tide pools of the small town of Puertecitos.  It’s worth the trip every so often to soak in Mother Nature’s natural hot tubs surrounded by the Sea of Cortes.  

Puertecitos Natural Tide Pool Hot Tubs.p
Gonzaga Bay.png

Gonzaga Bay



Gonzaga Bay is just less than an hour drive south of Rancho Costa Verde.   Gonzaga bay is known for its white sandy beach, clear turquoise water and beautiful views.  There you can swim with local whale sharks, enjoy spectacular sport fishing, have a nice lunch at Alfonsina’s Hotel on the beach or spend a night or two. 


Mike’s Sky Ranch


Mike’s Sky Ranch is a unique hotel located in the pristine setting of the Sierra San Pedro Martir Mountains just under a 3 hour drive from Rancho Costa Verde.  It is known as a haven for off-road enthusiasts and nature lovers as well.   Mountain streams and waterfalls are near Mike’s and a national observatory is just up the mountain.  It is a nice getaway for a night or two.

Valle de Guadalupe.png

Valle de Guadalupe


The Valle de Guadalupe is known as the Napa Valley of Mexico.  It is a perfect wine tasting and/or gastronomic getaway with its over 150 wineries, European dining, unique accommodations and vineyards as far as the eye can see.  You can drive there in about 4 hours from Rancho Costa Verde.





The coastal city of Ensenada is located on the west coast of Baja California about 3 ½ hours from Rancho Costa Verde.  The streets of the tourist section are peppered with numerous shops and restaurants.  

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